Luna and Sol

A Short Story. Tragedy.

A little girl’s baby brother falls sick.

Cat in the Toilet

Pilot. Satirical Comedy.

The musings of a cat that lives in a secondary school.

fp (fortepiano)

Novel Pilot. Romantic Comedy.

A trying violinist takes care of his blind wife.

Tsuki and Yoru

Pilot. Action Drama.

Two gentleman thieves steal from a corrupt politician.

Two in One

Pilot. Paranormal Dramedy.

A young woman is possessed by a man.



The Bird We Brought Home

Personal Recount.

My father brought home a bird one day.

My Parents: Old-Fashionedness and Exam Results

Personal Recount.

My parents are your typical ‘Asian Parents’. The rest is as you would expect.

Caramel Pudding


An obnoxious guy teaches you how to make a caramel pudding.

First Day of School


I return to school after the holidays.

My University


I describe my university as though I’m an alien.

We Cease to Dream as Adults


A short musing of mine about why we dream less the older we grow.