The one-woman creative studio.

Several years ago, realising I needed a brand name for myself, I had to figure out several things: firstly, I decided on the pen name ‘Blythe Oblivion’; secondly, I decided to name my solo creative group ‘Winter Lacrima’.

At that point in time I still haven’t had much of a goal for myself; nothing besides my passion to create worlds and tell stories. I see myself as a writer, an artist and a storyteller, but without a specific platform or medium. In my search I have gone through novel writing, comics, video making and even game creation. It is of that reason that I see myself as a jack of all trades, though, as the saying goes, I am not a master at any particular medium as well.

My only goal and passion in life is to share worlds and stories. It matters not what medium I use. As long as that story is shared to the rest of the world.

Who I Am

I am a young woman living in a country that is way too hot and humid, but has still blessed me with a great first-world life, gave me three languages to work with (English, Chinese and Japanese, in order of proficiency) before making only one of them particularly useful (i.e. English), allowed internet into my life, and brought so much peace into my lifestyle that I need to escape into fantasies to make my life more interesting.

I also try to be a funny person most of the time but… most of my jokes tend to get so cold for most people that it feels like there’s actually snow in our tropical climate.

Besides that I am also an undergraduate trying to get my Communication Studies degree (with a Creative Writing minor), who still has no idea what I want to do when I step into the corporate world, instead choosing to entertain fantasies that I can be a self-published writer with my own following someday. Girls can dream, can’t we?

What I do

Over the years I have called myself a writer, an artist, a video maker, a translator and sometimes even a game maker. Thankfully the internet has a proper umbrella term for people like me: content creators. People like us go through different mediums depending on what we like. And that’s what I do.

Except for the translating part of my resume. That’s just me trying to convey someone else’s words into another language. That’s not entirely me. That’s a fanwork. And I make that clear.

niji full logo

Konohana Niji?

When it comes to my fanworks, I go by a different name and an entirely different brand: Konohana Niji and 「此の花は虹色で、」 (This flower is rainbow-coloured, and…) respectively. Because I’m a content creator myself, I always make sure to credit the original creators in my fanworks. And the symbol of this brand is, as its name suggests, a rainbow-coloured flower.

Works that fall into this category mostly consists of my aforementioned translations, and my fanarts. Unfortunately, fanart tends to be a lot more easily recognised compared to original art. It’s a fact, and it’s sad that it’s a fact.