The Duet Paradox

A Web Novel series. Paranormal Drama.

Oblivion: γ-range
The soul of a dead man with the power of psychometry is made to possess the body of a young woman, who has the ability to interact with the souls of the dead.

Cras Credere

A Web Novel series. Fantasy Action-Adventure.

Oblivion: δ-range
In a kingdom of magic and mythical creatures, a prince who tries to avoid his duties falls in love with a woman, and with their knights, they attempt to rebuild their country from terrorism.




Island at the End

A Web Novel series. Superhero Action Drama.

Oblivion: γ-range
Faeries have appeared and started to possess people’s bodies, and a group of teenagers become involved to find out their origin and stop them.

Words of Distant Lines

A Web Novel. Science Fiction Romance.

Oblivion: δ-range
Evolution has split humanity into two species, and a girl would be dictated the Pandora, granting her power that could either end all humanity or protect them.

fluttering Stars.

A Novel. Drama Romance.

Oblivion: γ-range
A girl with short-term memory tries to fill the blanks in her past by stalking a schoolmate, whom she had drew a portrait of during those forgotten times.


A Novel. Drama Romance.

Oblivion: α-range
A blind music student struggles with her disability as she tries to catch up to her husband, who is gaining international popularity as a violinist.

Upon the Hill of the Lofty Flag

A Novel series. Drama Romance.

Oblivion: α-range
In a country split into two races, a pair of starcrossed lovers have to deal with racism, genocide, and eventually an all-out war before they can find their happiness.

White Eclipse

A Novel series. Fantasy Action.

Oblivion: ε-range
A group of people are thrown into a battle for life and death, with a legendary magical book containing all knowledge of the world as their ultimate prize.