The Cat and the Crow

A Visual Novel. Romance Drama.

Oblivion: α-range
A cat and a crow are outcasts from their own communities due to their pasts, and discover ways to move forward as they fall in love with each other.

Moonlit Night: Tsuki X Yoru

A RPG. Mystery Action.

Oblivion: β-range
A high school genius helps to resolve the grievances of the townspeople as a masked vigilante, and becomes intrigued by the spiriting away of the townspeople.



Before It Scatters

A Visual Novel. Mystery Romance.

Oblivion: ε-range
A school is plunged into chaos when a series of mysterious death is credited to a curse, which is believed to only end when the person who started the curse is killed.

The Silver Huntress

A RPG. Supernatural Action-Adventure.

Oblivion: ε-range
In the middle of a war between humans and vampires, a neutral party, consisting of a powerful vampire and a human defector, known as the Silver Huntress, travel the devastated world to return a newborn vampire to her human family.

Doppel Scandal

A Visual Novel. Romantic Comedy.

Oblivion: α-range
A forbidden marriage between the lead singers of two different bands becomes complicated in a web of betrayal and vengeance.