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The Duet Paradox

The boy who knew the hearts of the living.
The girl who knew the lives of the dead.
Now, two become one.

A young woman struggling to fit into society actually has a secret of her own: she can see ghosts. To make matters worse, a man’s soul is possessing her, making her complex double-life even more complicated than before.


Cras Credere

Welcome to Cras, the Kingdom of Tomorrow.”

A little girl has dreamed of going to a magical kingdom that she has read about in her favourite book, where mythical creatures had hidden themselves and prospers. Then, on the day of her tenth birthday, she finds herself in that very kingdom, drawn into its history, secrets, and politics.


Kitty & Almond

The daily adventures of a school’s guardian cat and a student’s hearing dog.

A new student has been introduced to Woodfield Secondary School, but with him is his hearing dog, who has been allowed to attend school with him. But this dog soon discovers that he isn’t the only animal there; not only are there rats and birds taking shelter in the school, there is also a cat who lives there to command them! As the dog befriends the cat, they soon get into various antics to protect the school they love, and the humans and animals inside it.


The Cat & The Crow

A crow falls in love with a cat.
This is the story of how they rediscover love again.

Ken the crow has fallen in love with Eli the cat, and visits her daily with shiny presents to win her heart. On one such visit, Ken comes to Eli and asks that she follows him to a place… There, one of them will have to face the past that they ran away from.

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